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一天,电击弹背后的天才在酒后说:“嘿,如果我在霰弹枪里装上电击弹会怎么样?” 在花了一大笔经费后,这些工程师完成了电击簇形弹。这些小宝贝可以用霰弹枪以任意缩喉射击,当你想击晕某人时,这些小宝贝很棒,但目标却感觉糟透了。
剧透 -   :
The geniuses behind Stick-n-Shock one day, over beers, said “Hey, what if you loaded Stick-n-Shock in a shotgun?” After cashing their enormous paychecks, these engineers went on to make Stick-n-Shock flechette. Fired from any shotgun at whatever choke spread desired, these little babies are great when you want to stun someone, but your aim sucks
                      DV         AP调整     Avail    价格
电击簇形弹  +0S(e)     —              6R         110新円

因此,安保地带通常仅在孤星签约保卫的资产上发现,以免值班警卫感到沮丧。尽管如此它依然有些用处。孤星·安保地带配备了强大的探照灯。被照亮的东西不会被光照调整影响。 如果将光射向一个人或一群人,除非直接远离光源,否则这些人将受到眩光惩罚(没说程度)。
操纵性  速度  加速  机体 护甲  自驾  传感器  可获得性 价格
5           4         2      4      4        3       3          10             5000新円

剧透 -   :
Manufactured by Federated-Boeing for Lone Star and sold under the latter’s brand, the SecureSector is a light-duty vector thrust drone. It is not a popular drone, as it is too weak to survive most combat encounters. It serves principally in an “observe and report” capacity. However, its fairly large size (about the size of a flattened basketball) makes it far too big for spying.
The SecureSector is thus usually only found on properties Lone Star is contracted to defend, to the disappointment of the guards on duty. Still, it has its uses. The Lone Star SecureSector is equipped with a powerful floodlight. Light modifers are eliminated for anything it shines its light on. If it turns its light on a person or group of people, these individuals suffer a Glare penalty, unless facing directly away from the light’s source.
In an effort to boost sales, Lone Store now ships the SecureSector with a factory-standard Clearsight Rating 2 autosoft.

参见RG P49来了解使用火焰喷射器的规则。
剧透 -   :
Available on the streets on Seattle, and with its simple blueprint widely disseminated via the Matrix, the Halloweener Barbecue Lighter (one of various names it is known by throughout various sprawls) is a terror-inducing weapon—as much for its user as its intended target. The simplistic flamethrower is a far cry from being safe for its operator. It tends to fnd its way into the hands of the truly sadistic pyromaniacs, or truly desperate people with no good options.
The weapon includes a bulky backpack fuel tank. Putting on the backpack takes 2 Combat Turns. Unhooking the straps and slipping out of it takes a Complex Action. Readying the weapon requires a Complex Action.
See p. 49, Run & Gun, for full rules for using flamethrowers.
Special: The Halloweener Barbecue Lighter is a highly unstable weapon. On any glitch, the handler suffers a hit with the base damage of the weapon. On a critical glitch, the fuel tank explodes, causing (6   Ammo remaining)P damage to the handler. So, for example, a tank with 8 rounds left would cause 6   8 = 14P damage to the wielder
精度  伤害  AP  攻击模式  RC  弹药  Avail  价格
4       6P     -6    SA/BF/FA   -   12(c)  8F   1200新円

被莫托洛夫击中的人会受到着火的影响(SR5 P171)
剧透 -   :
If there is one thing the Halloweeners know, it’s how to play with fire. Through trial and error, the Halloweeners have developed a preferred recipe for making the iconic firebomb, using specifc fuels, greases and additives—all things easily obtained in any sprawl. While they continue to experiment and improve the recipe, their baseline signature weapon is easily available.
Note that anything hit by a Molotov is subject to the rules for catching fre, p. 171, SR5.
Molotov cocktails explode on the action in which they are thrown
伤害  AP  爆风  Avail  价格
9P     -6   -3/m  4F     50新円

这些火箭是任何想燃烧掉什么该死的东西的人的最爱,这些火箭弹的初始冲击力较低,而是倾向于将增稠的发火剂(TPA)分散到整个空间。 这些火箭的燃烧温度超过一千摄氏度。尽管这类火箭具有危险性,但与现代军用的云爆弹和温压弹相差甚远。因此,肆意妄为的军需官能够谨慎地将陈旧的库存变卖到街头。
引爆时,燃烧火箭开始燃烧。 它们将继续燃烧10轮,发出令人目盲的白光,有可能点燃其半径范围内的所有物体(SR5 P171)。 燃烧的火箭有效载荷会消除三十米半径范围内的所有黑暗调整,但也会使得任何看向燃烧中心方向的人受到目眩惩罚(依然没说程度)。
剧透 -   :
A favorite of anyone who wants to burn something down that’s way the heck over there, these rockets pack less of an initial punch in favor of dispersing a thickened pyrophoric agent (TPA) all over the place. These rockets burn in excess of one thousand degrees centigrade. As dangerous as these types of rockets are, they are a far cry from the type of fuel-air or thermobaric weapons modern militaries use. Unscrupulous quartermasters have thus been able to discreetly liquidate aging stockpiles to the streets.
When detonated, incendiary rockets begin burning. They will continue burning, glowing a blinding white light inferno, for 10 Combat Turns, potentially lighting everything in its radius on fire (see p. 171, SR5). The burning rocket payload negates any darkness modifers in a thirty-meter radius, but also imposes a Glare modifer to anyone looking in the direction of the burning core.
伤害  AP  爆风  Avail  价格
10p   -6  -1/m  12F    1900新円

剧透 -   :
Some of the cyberware you carry is irredeemably trashed. You are carrying dead metal and chrome. The ’ware cannot be fxed. The good news is that you don’t need to actually spend nuyen on the busted cyberware you are obtaining with this quality. Just reduce your Essence by 0.5. It is assumed the character has old technology or completely broken ’ware that has no value. The player is free to describe the cyberware as they desire, liberally guiding themselves based on the listed Essence cost of cyberware. The only way to go from here is to have the metal carved out of you, and to start afresh. You must spend 16,000 nuyen in surgery just to have the dead cyberware removed; it cannot be fixed. The Essence tied to this quality cannot be used by any other augmentation until this quality is bought off.
Note that, as always, Essence lost to this quality does not come back even if the quality is bought off. This quality can be taken multiple times, but it can only be taken at character creation.
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