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#338 杖法师 Staffs Of The Magi
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The wizard's staff accompanies her everywhere,from the darkest dungeon to the loftiest royal audience chamber. It is a symbol of power, station, and an advertisement of the vanity of spellcasters.History, myth, and tradition demand its use as it alludes to mystical principles beyond the ken of the layman.
  The image of a powerful magician, whether drawn from folklore, mythology, or contemporary literature,inevitably includes a staff. Although the satchel, spell-book, and pointy hat make frequent appearances, the staff serves as a constant companion to wielders of mystical might. Looking closer at this image, however, can add depth to spellcasting characters.

历史,神话与典故(History Myth and Allusion)



剧透 -   :
Beyond a certain point, history and mythology become interchangeable. The merger of these two concepts defines a realm from which our oldest and deepest images are drawn. The wizard's staff is no exception, as it draws from numerous sources both historical and mythological.
Shamanic:Tribal healers and medicine men--their histories notched in stone and painted on cave walls--are frequently depicted with a staff in hand. Likely, these renderings depicted a walking stick--age , wisdom , and infirmity intertwined into a single symbol. The profile stuck and became an integral part of the shamanic uniform.
By the fifth century , he staffs power was legend. Old Icelandic inscriptions speak of Runemal magicians

法杖的用途(Practical Uses)
塑造特色(Keeping Up Appearances):很少有巫师的法杖不足以表现出她的特色。其中许多施法者都对演出效果有着特定倾向,因此她对装饰的选择很可能会使人惊讶或困惑。
猎物(A Target):但是必须得承认,打扮得非常像一位巫师确实也有些麻烦。任何带着一堆神秘装饰的人都得考虑好被当成巫师的后果。这将使她更难与那群对魔法持怀疑态度的人相处。带着法杖进了不合适的店可能会挨两倍价格的宰,而那些渴望一笔大买卖的老练游荡者可能会意识到一根镶有宝石的手杖是多么诱人的目标。最大的危险或许是来自其他施法者的。这些自负力量的人经常会因他们的好胜天性为解决某个问题而挑起争端:“谁的法杖才是最强大的?”未经世事的年轻见习巫师弄出一副比他真正地位还高的打扮的话,等待着他的很可能是丧命在恶毒的咒语下或是无情的决斗中的苦涩结局。
亲密伙伴(A Familiar Companion):巫师的法杖不仅仅是件纯粹的工具或者只是身份的象征,而是永不分离的伴侣,坚定不移的勇气和信念的象征。作为同行伴侣的法杖对巫师来说意义重大,甚至超过它作为常伴身侧的贴身物品这一概念。尤其巫师是将她灵魂的一部分注入到法杖那粗陋的材料中。在这种意义上,法杖即是巫师的密友。
剧透 -   :
Defense: While a staff is not a fancy or tricky weapon, it is practical and effective. It perfectly suits those who don't have time for martial training. Because it is a two-handed weapon, it brings more of the wielder's strength to bear and is difficult to disarm. It has a broad striking area and can be used equally well to jab. It is less likely to be peace-bound than a sword or other bladed weapon, and even the boldest of guards would think twice before confiscating the staff of a spellcaster.
Support:The quest for illumination frequently leads off the beaten path. Ask any hiker: a walking stick is a must. A staff provides support over rough and slippery terrain (+2 circumstance bonus on Balance skill checks),can be used as a lever for heavy objects and stuck doors (+2 circumstance bonus on Strength checks), and is always useful for gingerly poking something to see if it's (still) dead.At the very least, a staff is a long shaft of wood often mystically reinforced ,and can be employed to hold open doors,keep apart trapped tomb walls, test a ceiling for soundness, and check the depth of a murky pool.
Image: If a magician's reputation doesn't precede her, a properly maintained stick serves as a warning to the ill-inclined. As part of an overall persona, a well-kept, imposing staff can intimidate most ne'er-do-wells into considering other marks. A pointed gesture of the stick can serve as warning, threat, and the preparation of a nasty surprise.
Keeping Up Appearances: Rarely does a wizard's staff fail to reflect her personality. Given the propensity for theatrics among most spellcasters, her choice of decoration is likely to amaze and mystify.
The overall impression the wizard wants to project can be enhanced by carefully choosing her staff's form. The madman of the woods carries a limb of knobby oak with the bark still attached and a grapevine spiraling up the length. The court vizier carries a long enameled white rod topped with a giant pearl. A country enchanter prefers a thin and unassuming pole of ash. A wartime spell-smith will wrap steel bands around a shaft of ironwood. The right accessories can be as important as correct spell components.
Ornamentation: In addition to its basic shape, a staff may be ornamented even further. A hobgoblin(大地精) wizard winds a string around the top, hung with left ears of all those he has defeated in magical duels.An advisor to a noble house might wrap his staff in the banner colors of his lord. A plains sorcerer marks his tribal heritage with the feathers of his ancestral totem. A staff can be festooned with quest trophies, reminders of battles past, or chalked-on recipes for chicken soup gathered from the outlying provinces. Choose carefully the things of significance to your character.
A Target: It must be said: putting on wizardly airs has its problems as well. Anyone carrying sufficiently mystical accessories must accept the consequences of being thought of as a magician. Those suspicious of magic will be harder to deal with.Carrying a staff into the wrong store might get prices doubled and skilled rogues hungry for a big score could find a gem-encrusted cane a tempting target.Perhaps the most significant danger comes from other spellcasters. The competitive nature of those with power often demand some challenge to settle the question:Who has the most powerful staff?" An unsuspecting young apprentice pretending to power above her station likely finds herself on the sour end of a malicious spell or deadly duel.
A Familiar Companion: Not only a mere tool and mark of status, a wizard's staff can be a constant companion, a symbol of resolve and unwavering strength. It can mean as much to her as her traveling companions, or more.This is especially true when the magician has invested a portion of her spirit into the rude material of the staff itself.In this case, the staff serves as the wizard's familiar.

注能法杖(The Imbued Staff)
生命值(Hit Points):法杖拥有10点HP以及硬度5。这两者都会根据“注能法杖升级表”随着法师或术士的等级而提高。
豁免(Saving Throws):法杖使用主人的豁免,甚至在未被其携带时也是如此。如果一个注能法杖被毁掉,它的主人必须通过一个DC 15的强韧豁免,否则会失去每个术士或法师职业等级500点经验,成功的豁免可以减少一半的经验损失。无论如何,施法者的经验值不会因为失去法杖而减少到0以下。毁坏的法杖在那之后的一年零一天内都无法被替代——这样的损失过于沉痛。
剧透 -   :
Imbued Staff
As an optional rule,any sorcerer or wizard may opt to forego a normal familiar in order to imbue her traveling staff with that portion of her power.To do this, she selects a quarterstaff-length of wood that resonates with her mystical signature and personality. It can-not have been previously enchanted (although it may subsequently be) and must be of master-work quality. It must be prepared using materials costing at least 500gp, usually with a gem to serve as a mounted finial. The imbuing ritual takes 24 hours and ties a portion of the spellcaster's power into the staff, a separate piece of her soul that grows in power as she does.
Upon its imbuing, the staff becomes magically linked to its creator and is treated as a magic item.
Hit Points: The staff has 10 Hit Points and Hardness 5. Both of which increase as the wizard or sorcerer gains levels according to the Imbued Staff Advancement table
Saving Throws: The staff saves as its creator,even when unattended.If an imbued staff is broken. its creator must attempt a DC 15 Fortitude saving throw or lose 500 experience points per wizard or sorcerer level Success reduces the loss by half. However, a caster's experience point total can never be reduced below 0 as a result of the loss of her staff. A broken imbued staff cannot be replaced for a year and a day-the loss is too great
If the character who imbued the staff dies, the staff loses all magical properties. Should the character return from the grave, it regains its imbued powers when it is first touched by the imbuing character.

灌输能力详述(Imbued Ability Descriptions)
传递接触法术(Deliver Touch Spells)(SU):主人可以使用法杖来传递接触法术。当以这种方式使用法杖时,持用者可以尝试对抗目标的正常AC(而不是目标的接触AC)来对其造成法杖的伤害。以这种方式传递接触法术时,成功的重击不会使所传递法术的效果也翻倍。
增强武器(Enhanced Weapon)(SU):当被其主人持用时,法杖在攻击检定和伤害骰上获得下表所列的增强加值。这个加值适用于法杖的两端。在任何其他人手中,它只是普通的精致品木棍。
遥视(Remote Viewing)(SU):法杖的主人可以专注并观察法杖周围的环境,就好像透过法杖的顶端观察一样。这一效果等同于鹰眼术(Clairvoyance)除了只要主人保持专注,效果就可以一直持续,并且只要法杖与主人处于同一位面,距离就没有限制。效果作用时,法杖的顶端发出微弱的光,像蜡烛一般照亮法杖周围的区域。
活力转移(Vital Transfer)(SU):法杖的主人可能会选择放弃夜间的自然恢复,而通过神秘的方式修补她的法杖。因此,每晚的休息都会使法杖恢复相当于法杖主人的角色等级的生命值,最多不超过法杖的最大生命值。医疗技能不会提升这个效果。
完美定位(Perfect Location)(Su):只要与她的法杖处于同一位面中,巫师就能通过一轮的专注,来获知与其的方向和距离。
非凡武器(Mighty Weapon)(Su):法杖可以获得破敌(bane),护身(defending),炽焰(flaming),冻寒(frost),慈悲(merciful),电击(shock)或雷鸣(thundering)特殊能力其一。这种能力同时适用于法杖的两端,一经选取,奖励就不能更换,并且也不会在法杖主人之外的任何人手中发挥作用。

剧透 -   :
Imbued Ability Descriptions
An imbued staff has special capabilities depending on its master's wizard or sorcerer level, as shown on the Imbued Staff Advancement table.
Cantrips(Sp): Three times per day, as a standard action, the wielder of the staff can make it shed a flickering light as per the spell. Once activated, this light remains until the wielder dismisses it (a free action). In addition, the staff can hold a single cantrip available to the wielder. decided upon when it is first imbued. Once per day, as a standard action, the master can cast this cantrip from the staff. The caster level for these effects is equal to that of the master. The save DC for any cantrip cast by the staff is 10.
Deliver Touch Spells (Su): The master may deliver touch spells with the staff. When using the staff in this way,the wielder may attempt to deal the staffs damage by hitting the targets standard AC(as opposed to the target's touch AC). A successful critical hit with the staff does not double the spells effect when delivered in this way
Enhanced Weapon(Su): The staff galins the listed enhancement bonus to attack and damage when wielded by its master. This bonus applies to both ends of the staff. In the hands of any other it is merely an ordinary masterwork staff
Remote Viewing(Su): The apple's master may concentrate and view the apples surroundings as though looking through the finial. This effect is identical to that of clairvoyance except that it lasts for as long as the owner concentrates and has an infinite range so long as the apple is on the same plane. While in effect, the apple's finial glows faintly, illuminating the area around the apple like a candle
Vital Transfer(Su): The staff's master may opt to forego her natural healing for the evening and mend her staff through mystical means. Each night's rest thus spent returns a number of hit points to the staff equal to the master's character level, up to the staff's maximum hit points. The Heal skill does not increase this amount.
Perfect Location(Su): By concentrating for a full round, the wizard knows the direction and distance to her staff,so long as it is on the same plane.
Mighty Weapon(Su): The staff gains the bane, defending, flaming,frost, merciful, shock, or thundering  special weapon ability. This ability applies to both ends of the staff.Once chosen, the bonus cannot be changed and does not function in the hands of anyone other than the staff's master.
Return(Su): The master can summon the staff to her hand as a standard action, so long as it is on the same plane When summoned in this way, the staff simply appears in its master's hand. Any effect targeting the staff or the master that prevents teleportion also blocks this ability.

予能之杖(Invested Symbol of Power)

附魔法杖(Enchant Staff)[物品制造专长]
特殊:这项专长可以多次选择。效果不会叠加。每次你重新选取此专长,选择一个新的法术添加到你的法杖中。如果你的注能法杖被永久性地摧毁,你就无法使用这些能力,直到你灌注新的法杖。制备法杖来接受此专长的仪式需要24小时,并花费每法术等级价值100 gp的材料。

防御注能(Imbued Defense)[物品制造专长]
特殊:如果你的法杖被摧毁,你就失去这项好处,直到你灌注新的法杖。制备法杖来接受这个专长需要12小时,并花费价值500 gp的材料。

决心注能(Imbued Strength)[物品制造专长]
特殊:如果你的注能法杖被永久性地摧毁,你就失去这项好处,直到你灌注新的法杖。制备法杖来接受这个专长需要12小时,并花费价值500 gp的材料。

咒文赋予(Invest Spell)[物品制造专长]
好处:你永久性地失去一个秘法术的法术位(arcane spell slots),并将一个该等级的秘法术(arcane spell)投入你的注能法杖。所投入的法术必须是你能施放的法术,并且不能高于你能施放的最高法术等级减2级。以这种方式灌注后,所选的法术就可以作为类法术能力每天被从法杖中施放三次。以这种方式施展一个投入的法术不需要任何常规材料成分,但任何XP消耗或昂贵材料成分仍必须支付。你必须与你的注能法杖有直接的身体接触才能施展灌注的法术。
特别:这项专长可以多次选择。效果不会叠加。每次你重新选取此专长,选择一个新的法术添加到你的法杖中。如果你的注能法杖被永久性地摧毁,你就无法使用这些能力,直到你灌注新的法杖。制备法杖来接受此专长的仪式需要24小时,并花费每法术等级价值250 gp的材料。

法杖充能(Recharge Staff)[物品制造专长]

剧透 -   :
Invested Symbol of Power
Once a staff has been imbued with a wizard's power, the spellcaster can further enhance it through feats. These feats each require further preparation and ornamentation of the staff and as such are classified as item creation feats
Your imbued staff develops a new power
Prerequisites: Caster level 5th,ability to imbue a staff
Benefit: Choose a spell that you are capable of casting and that is of a level no higher than one level below the highest-level spell you can cast Your imbued staff gains the ability to grant you this spell once per day as a spell-like ability. While grasping your imbued staff, you may cast this spell as a standard action. The caster level and DC for this spell is calculated as if you had cast the spell yourself.
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, select a new spell to add to your staff. If your imbued staff is ever destroyed, the use of these abilities is lost until a new staff is imbued. The ritual for preparing the staff to receive this feat requires 24 hours and expends materials valued at 100 gp per level of the spell to be invested.
Your staff protects its master, deflecting attacks targeting you.
Prerequisites: Caster level 1st, ability to imbue a staff
Benefit: While casting a spell on the defensive and in contact with your imbued staff, add your Wisdom modifier to your AC until your next action, in addition to your Dexterity modifier
Special: If your imbued staff is ever destroyed,this benefit is lost until a new staff is imbued.Preparing a staff to receive this feat requires 12 hours and expends materials valued at 500 gp.
Your will can overcome the limitations of your physical abilities.
Prerequisites: Caster level 3rd, ability to imbue a staff.
Benefit: When you successfully hit with your imbued staff, use your Wisdom modifier to determine your damage bonus, rather than your Strength modifier.
Special: If your imbued staff is ever destroyed, this feat is lost until a new staff is imbued. Preparing a staff to receive this feat requires 12 hours and expends materials valued at 500 gp.
The staff you carry is a repository of great power.
Prerequisites: Caster level 9th,ability to imbue a staff.
Benefit: You permanently lose one of your arcane spell slots to invest an arcane spell of that level into your imbued staff. The spell invested must be one that you are able to cast and can be of a level no higher than 2 levels below the highest-level spell you can cast. Once imbued in this way, the spell chosen can be cast from the staff three times per day as a spell-like ability. Casting an invested spell in this way does not require any normal material components, but any XP cost or costly material components must still be paid. You must be in direct physical contact with your imbued staff to cast an invested spell.
This feat uses a spell slot equal to the level of the spell being invested, however,you may choose to modify the spell with any metamagic feat you know and adjust the spell's level and slot accordingly. The caster level and DC for an invested spell is calculated as if you cast the spell
Special: This feat may be taken multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, select a new spell to invest. If the imbued staff is ever destroyed, the use of this ability is lost until a new staff is imbued. The ritual for preparing the staff to receive this feat requires 24 hours, and expends materials valued at 250 gp per level of the spell to be invested.
You have the ability to transfer your arcane power into your imbued staff, recharging it.
Prerequisites: Caster level 12th, Craft Staff, ability to imbue a staff
Benefit: You may, as a standard action, expend any of your prepared spells or unused spell slots to add charges to your imbued staff. For every five spells levels expended in this way,add one charge to your imbued staff. Cantrips cannot be expended in this way. Your imbued staff must be enchanted with spells that consume charges for this feat to have any effect.Your staff cannot exceed 50 charges through this ability
Special: If the imbued staff is ever destroyed, the ability to use this feat is lost until a new staff is imbued

制作法杖(Crafting a Staff)
选择相联系的概念:例如阴影和恐惧,或者水和冰。可以使用《地下城主指南》的234页的范例或从《地城志#127》里的文章“威能之杖(Staffs of Power)”中来获得灵感,一旦有了合适的想法,请与你的DM一起定义构筑它的材料,以及体现你的法杖所将拥有的能力的本质。例如,一支法杖包含的法术有弱能术(Enervation)和行影术(Shadow Walk),可能需要收集在吸血鬼的影子中枯萎掉的玫瑰。一支可以操纵树人的法杖可能需要收集森林中每一种树的木料并将它们结合到一起。

剧透 -   :
Crafting a Staff
In general, creating a magical staff should be a labor of love for a wizard. Even if it is not imbued,the connection between wizard and staff is very strong. A staff created with the Craft Staff feat isn't something likely to be produced in quantity——each staff is a unique work of mystical and mundane art.Take care to insure that a staff's powers are closely related and work together.
Choose related concepts:shadow and fear, or water and ice for example. Use the sample staffs on page 243 the DUNGEON MASTER'S Guide and the article"Staffs of Power" from DUNGEON #127 for inspiration. Once the concept is secure, work with your DM to define building materials embodying the essence of the powers your staff will hold.A staff containing the spells enervation and shadow walkfor instance might require the collection of a rose that died while in the shadow of a vampire. A staff for controlling treants could require the collection and compositing of wood from each type of tree in a forest.
Even while you are working out the gold and experience costs with your Dungeon Master, bear in mind that the staff is more than just its power——it is likely to be the most challenging endeavor of a characters career

强化注能法杖(Enhancing an Imbued Staff)

剧透 -   :
Enhancing an Imbued Staff
A wizard with the Craft Staff feat wishing to add powers to her imbued staff as if it were a normal staff (DUNGEON MASTER'S Guide page 287) may do so, however all costs associated with its creation are increased by 20%. This reflects the difficulty in overlaying the newer abilities with the existing powers. A staff crafted in this manner is created with 50 charges. It retains any imbued powers and its magical nature, even after the charges are expended.

剧透 -   :
There are many options for a wizard and her staff, a few of which are presented here, Spend some time reflecting on your wizard's relationship with the archetypes of old, and how she views this most vital accourement.Consider carefully the wood, the shape, and the ornamentation of her staff, as it will likely be the first thing other characters in her world notice and will naturally reflect the caster's personality. It is the details that give any character life——your wizard. her life, and her description are only as rich as you make them.

施法者等级      硬度      生命      特殊能力
1st-2nd         5         15         戏法,传递接触法术
3rd-4th         5         15         增强武器(+1)
5th-6th         5         15         遥视
7th-8th         10         20         —
9th-10th         10         20         生命转移
11th-12th      10         20         增强武器(+2)
13th-14th      15         25         完美定位
15th-16th      15         25         非凡武器
17th-18th      15         25         召回
19th-20th      20         30         增强武器(+3

帷幕之后(Behind The Curtain)
剧透 -   :
Deciding to forego a traditional familiar in favor of an imbued staff isn't a simple choice. A staff can't move, communicate, or provide any help depending on these abilities. Its not intelligent and provides no company. It does not provide its owner with any skill bonuses or bonus feats. its creation costs make it diffcult for 1st-level characters to afford and the penalty for loss is also higher.Finally, by creating an imbued staff, a wizard decreases the likelihood that other magic staffs or weapons will be worth trading up to.These drawbacks are balanced by the guarantee that the staffs power will grow with the wizard's, and the possibility of increasing it further through various feats.

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啊,先陪艾赫打牌去了| ू•ૅω•́)ᵎᵎᵎ

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附魔法杖(Enchant Staff)和咒文赋予(Invest Spell)这两个专长功能如此类似,而措辞差异如此之大,令人产生了原作者是否受困于精神分裂的疑惑

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附魔法杖(Enchant Staff)这个能力原作者这是忘了限制经验和昂贵材料必须正常消耗了吧。。。。而且按照万物里的名词描述,每天使用次数限制物品的恢复次数描述是regains all of those charges,理论上附魔法杖和咒文赋予的能力都是消耗充能的 :em001。于是通过法杖充能你获得了每日无限次数用低环法术位来交换高环法术位的能力,总觉得这作者和审核员已经疯了,根本不知道他们究竟写了什么

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那么答案就只有一个了!(/me 拿起法杖)

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